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UX Design Expert



Posted on Wednesday, September 13, 2023

UX Enhancement for Vyrill's Video Marketing & Intelligence Platform


Improve user experience across Vyrill's video marketing & intelligence platform in a three-month fixed fee UI/UX design effort. Focus on boosting user engagement, conversions, and satisfaction during sales, demo, onboarding, and engagement processes.

Company Background:

Vyrill is a prominent SaaS video intelligence platform empowering brands like P&G to analyze and publish user-generated video content. AI-driven 'In-video' search technology drives brand awareness and revenue through authentic customer reactions, reviews, unboxing, and how-to videos.

Target Audience:

Review platforms, brands, and marketers looking to leverage user-generated video content. Optimize UI/UX for prospective clients and existing customers using Vyrill's dashboard for content management. authentic customer reactions, reviews, unboxing, and how-to videos.

Challenges and Objectives:

Align customer-facing experiences—website, dashboard, and demos—to elevate overall user experience, addressing inconsistencies.

Responsibilities of UI/UX Expert:

● Understand customer pain points and iterate design solutions for compelling journey scenarios, information architecture, interaction flows, and visual designs.

● Collaborate with a multi-disciplinary team for customer-focused e-commerce video solutions.

● Adapt creative processes based on specific problems.

● Overcome business and technical constraints while maintaining high UX standards.

● Visualize complex data effectively.

● Communicate design concepts convincingly to diverse audiences.

Design Guidelines:

Adhere to recently updated brand guidelines during the design process.

Collaboration and Approval Process:

Work closely with Vyrill's CTO and in-house UI/UX designer. Review the current experience and propose necessary changes. Input and approvals from the CEO and head of marketing will be incorporated.

Functionalities and Features:

Propose changes for implementation during this effort. Decisions on completion and transfer to Vyrill's internal backlog will be determined jointly.

Inspiration and References:

Draw inspiration from well-designed websites like Hubspot, BazaarVoice, and Mix Panel, known for intuitive user experiences.

Expected Deliverables:

Propose redesign, wireframes, prototypes, and design assets. Timelines will be established based on proposed changes and achievable goals within three months. Vyrill has a junior UI/UX designer, who will be assisting with the project.

Technical Constraints:

Understand and address technical limitations shared during the initial review.

Basic Qualifications for UI/UX Expert:

● 8+ years of design experience.

● Proficiency in design tools: Balsamiq, Omnigraffle, Photoshop, Illustrator, Visio, Dreamweaver.

● Online portfolio showcasing relevant work.

● Experience in Figma, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and prototyping (HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Ajax).

● Proficient in social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.

● Excellent track record with either consumer and/or enterprise SaaS applications

● Deliver design flows and experiences that are simple, sharp, and innovative

● Strong advocate for usability wins over technical simplicity


Three-month project duration, beginning in Q3 2023.

Additional Information:

Further context and critical details provided during the project kickoff.

If this is you, please send a note with “I’m your expert!” in the subject line to jobs@vyrill.com with a short intro and we will set up time to connect.