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User Interviews

User Interviews

Posted on Thursday, May 11, 2023

🧩 Why Join Us
User Interviews is a fully remote team and always has been. We are proactive about staying connected to each other despite not sharing the same physical space. Remote culture is real and we care about it—a lot.

We’re a team of doers. You’ll be fully supported by your manager and team, but there won’t be anyone peering over your shoulder. You’ll be expected and trusted to take ownership of your work, and to communicate clearly and transparently with your distributed teammates.

On a related note, we’re very pro-feedback. From our users, of course. But also from each other. From individual contributors right up to the CEO, this is a team that is genuinely committed to continuous improvement.

🤠 About User Interviews
At User Interviews, we believe that the best companies in the world consistently deliver products and experiences that their customers love. We also believe that the only way to consistently build those products and experiences is to talk to your customers. Watch what they do. Understand why they do what they do. Figure out why they do things that seem irrational. And once you’ve done that once, do it again. Start having constant conversations. In short, make customers your #1 priority through user research.

That’s why we exist. We help teams set up those conversations, that research, allowing them to discover and embrace user insights. We specialize in participant recruitment and management because you cannot do good research without good participants, no matter how good your other tools may be. We work with hundreds of companies every month, including user-centric organizations like Atlassian, Amazon, and Spotify.

🌟 About Customer Development
We’re looking for an entrepreneurial and results oriented manager to lead our Customer Development team. Our CD team handles the commercial needs of our current clients, expanding and renewing them after the initial sale. The team is currently made up of 4 Customer Development Managers, who support our 1,000+ subscription clients. You’ll be an integral part of our Revenue department, alongside our Sales, Sales Development, and RevOps leaders.

💡 Responsibilities
- Consistently hit our quarterly revenue expansion and revenue retention goals
- Work with our VP of Revenue to set, stress test, and track those goals
- Support and motivate our CDMs to hit their individual quotas
- Get involved, and support, our CDMs on their biggest opportunities
- Set and compute quarterly commission payouts
- Join the revenue department’s leadership team and contribute to its strategy and success
- Work with our RevOps Manager to ensure our CDMs have the tools and processes they need to generate and close opportunities efficiently
- Work with our Revenue Analyst to understand the quantitative performance of your team and to investigate opportunities for improvement
- Shadow calls and use each as a coaching opportunity.
- Own and and iterate on squad and individual dashboards in Salesforce
- Act as an internal champion for our clients and their product needs
- Work closely with Customer Success to iterate on how we’re supporting and expanding our clients
- Work with our general counsel and security resources to improve our procurement processes, and enable our CDMs with resources that help them advance prospects through procurement faster

👤 About You
- 2+ years of sales management experience and 5+ years sales experience (ideally at a B2B SaaS company)
- Supports the closers you manage with a balance of support and honest feedback
- Loves connecting with people and finds joy in helping them solve their challenges
- Technically savvy (experience with Salesforce and Outreach)
- Experience coaching closers through complicated/long procurement processes with enterprise companies - Experience helping closers fine tune their discovery and note taking processes
- Self-starter, able to work on multiple things at once
- Excited about being remote
- An excellent communicator (written and verbal)
- Thinks companies should be obsessed with their customers!

🤑 Benefits
• Competitive pay, OTE of $175,000+
- 50/50 commission/salary
- 3 month ramp up period (guaranteed commission)
• Equity options
• 100% premium covered medical & dental employee coverage
• Annual membership to One Medical Group & Talkspace
• 4 weeks of PTO to start + accrue an additional day each year
• Unlimited wellness days. Sick? Doctors appointment? Mental health day? We’ve got you covered.
• Flexible, paid parental leave
• 401k with $200/month employer contribution
• $250 office setup stipend (in addition to computer provided)
• $50/month work from home stipend
• Awards for 360-degree recognition, work anniversaries, & birthdays

💚 We embrace what makes you, you! We are committed to accessibility, equity, diversity, and inclusion. We build products for and welcome participants, researchers, and employees from a diverse set of backgrounds. These backgrounds include—but are not limited to—varied socioeconomic status, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnicity, age, neurodivergence, disability, and citizenship. As we grow, we are aware that this work is continuous. We will not settle for how things are, but rather strive for how they could be.