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Technical Content Writer/Marketer (Remote) (India)



Marketing & Communications, IT
Posted on Wednesday, June 28, 2023


Open source alternative to DataDog

Technical Content Writer/Marketer (Remote) (India)

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IN / Remote (IN)
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1+ years
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Pranay Prateek
Pranay Prateek

About the role

SigNoz is a global open source project with users in 30+ countries. We are building an open-source application monitoring which helps developers monitor their applications and troubleshoot problems, quickly.

In less than a year of our launch, we have reached 13000+ Github stars, 2500+ members in the slack community and 100+ contributors.

Company Vision

Software and digital systems are becoming larger parts of our daily lives. Most companies are becoming software companies with increasing part of value they create coming from software.

In such a world, having software systems functioning seamlessly is taken for granted. Think about last time twitter or slack went down. How irritated you felt.

We aim to solve this problem by providing software engineers better tooling to keep systems running smoothly. We believe there are lots to be done in this space and we need your help in building this future.

About the role

A key part of this role is to reach all relevant developers and make them aware of SigNoz and our value prop. Creating great content and distributing it in channels where developers hang out is critical for this.

We believe creating content which people care about is fundamentally about telling good stories. Stories of what we stand for as a company, where SigNoz stands as a product, how users can benefit from it, how we build the product. Everything is a story waiting to be told.

What will you be doing

  • Create blog articles/tutorials about different features of the product, how users can use them
  • Create video tutorials or docs on common issues faced by users
  • Identify gaps in our current content and create content to address them. Possible content types - Blog posts - YouTube videos - Improving our current docs - Case studies - Tutorials
  • Distribute content in relevant forums and communities

Who would be a good fit

  • Some one who has 1+ yrs working as a Software developer and has interest in explaining deep technical concepts in simple language
  • Knowledge of Cloud Native ecosystem, devops, is a plus
  • Interested in developing career in technical marketing, dev advocacy or product management
  • A flair for writing and growth mindset

Next steps

Seems like something right up your alley?

Just apply on this site or email your CV and an optional intro note to me at [pranay at signoz dot io]. Feel free to include links to your LinkedIn, Twitter, or blog posts.

About the interview

Our process involves a short initial exploratory chat, followed by 2 to 3 interviews/discussions. The aim is for both sides to learn more about each other.

  • Intro call with founder
  • Written assignment where you will be asked to write tutorial on a technical topic
  • Discussion over a call with growth team
  • Culture fit conversation: Interviews with founders and team members to ensure that there is a culture-fit.
  • If all goes well, we would love to make an offer

We move fast and we would target to roll out an offer within ~10 days unless you need more time.

About SigNoz

SigNoz is an open source alternative to DataDog, NewRelic. We help developers monitor their applications and troubleshoot any problem.

We have got lots of interest from the dev community with 13000+ stars , 2600+ slack community members within two year of launching the project. Here's our Github repo

We are backed by prominent angels & funds including Y Combinator.