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Senior Backend Software Engineer



Software Engineering
Remote · New York, NY, USA
Posted on Saturday, February 3, 2024

Working at RippleMatch:

The current status quo of finding a first job is broken: Traditional career services and job boards with millions of postings aren't very helpful, and figuring out where to begin your career is a difficult and overwhelming decision. It's also not a fair contest. For many Gen Z candidates, opportunity is limited based on where they attend school and their personal networks.

RippleMatch is changing the way Gen Z finds work. Our recruitment platform leverages AI to automate inbound applicant review and outbound sourcing, matching candidates to the right roles and eliminating the most time-intensive parts of the recruitment process for both sides. Leading employers leverage RippleMatch to build diverse, high-performing teams and Gen Z job seekers across the country trust RippleMatch to launch and grow their careers.

Since launching RippleMatch from a college dorm room in 2016, we've raised $88 million in venture funding – including from prominent investors like Goldman Sachs – helped tens of thousands of users find jobs, expanded to 1,700+ colleges & universities, and brought on hundreds of leading employers as customers (such as EY, eBay, MongoDB, and more). Our tight-knit team of 80+ talented people work hard, celebrate wins, and care deeply about changing the way finding a job works.

The Opportunity:

Embark on an exciting journey with our close-knit team of compassionate engineers working to deliver a high-quality and industry leading product!

In addition to crafting code that adheres to the highest standards, you'll work hand-in-hand with QA and Product Management, actively contributing to and influencing our Agile processes. Our team is more than colleagues; we're a team with an extraordinary collaborative spirit and an infectious positivity that fuels our shared mission.

We're not just hard-working engineers; we're passionate individuals committed to building the best product we possibly can. The essence of our team lies in mentorship and continuous learning, where each member values collaboration, open communication, and embraces the "no job too small" attitude. Pair up frequently with fellow engineers, and experience the unwavering support of senior team members in fostering growth among our juniors.

Engage in our lively biweekly guilds centered around software engineering, and participate in specialized front and backend guilds where knowledge and experiences are shared freely.

As a remote-first team, we go beyond virtual collaboration – we create a sense of community through a plethora of events, from delightful wine tastings to laughter-filled game nights and spirited karaoke. Moreover, we offer abundant opportunities for in-person bonding, ranging from departmental offsites to enriching company retreats. Join us in building not just a workplace but a warm and inclusive community.

Who We're Seeking:

  • Experienced Backend Engineer: With a robust track record, boasting 5+ years of hands-on experience in backend engineering. Python is ideally suited, but we care about conceptual knowledge so other backend languages should also apply.
  • Solid Software Development principles: Demonstrates a profound understanding of software development concepts. You know what SOLID stands for.
  • Intellectually Curious Expert: Possesses a deep intellectual curiosity and unwavering passion for backend engineering, showcasing specialist-level expertise in developing backends for web applications.
  • Architectural Savvy: Capable of engaging in in-depth discussions on the trade-offs inherent in various software architectures.
  • Database Guru: Exhibits a profound understanding of relational databases and excels in querying them at scale.
  • Emotionally Intelligent Professional: Balances strong technical acumen with high emotional intelligence, fostering collaborative and effective working relationships.
  • Collaborative Team Player: Works seamlessly within a collaborative team environment, contributing to the collective success.
  • Values Unit Test: Skilled in writing clear, effective tests for code, ensuring robust and reliable software.
  • Product Passionate: Driven by a genuine passion for delivering an outstanding product, contributing to an excellent user experience.
  • Distributed Architecture Familiarity: Well-versed in working within a distributed architecture, navigating the complexities inherent in such environments.
  • Scalability Expert: Hands-on experience in successfully scaling high-volume web applications.

Who You Are:

  • Passionate Educator: You possess a genuine passion for sharing knowledge and insights with others.
  • Effective Communicator: Skilled in conveying complex ideas in a clear and understandable manner.
  • Coding Craftsperson: Proficient in crafting code that is not only functional but also extensible.
  • Versatile Team Player: Embrace a versatile mindset where no task is too big or too small, demonstrating adaptability and a hands-on approach.
  • Accountable: Take ownership of your mistakes, learn from them, and openly share your successes with the team.
  • Strategic Planner: Capable of whiteboarding and orchestrating the efforts of multiple engineers, particularly on long-term projects.
  • Humble Learner: Acknowledge areas of uncertainty and actively seek to fill knowledge gaps, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.
  • Mission-Driven Individual: Deeply committed to RippleMatch's mission of empowering early career candidates to find their ideal place in the workforce.

Culture & Perks:

At RippleMatch, we understand that our success stems from the people we have on board, which is why we invest heavily in our team’s well-being and growth. We offer a full slate of perks including equity, paid vacation, a pre-tax commuter program, discounted Citi Bike and Class Pass memberships, and — our favorite thing — comprehensive FREE healthcare benefits. We work hard to foster a culture of constant self-improvement, true ownership, and positivity. At our core, we are a tight-knit team that works hard, celebrates wins, and cares deeply about changing the way finding a job works. We are going to fundamentally transform the hiring landscape and won’t settle for anything less.

RippleMatch is a remote-first company. We believe in helping to shape the future of work and creating accessibility to a great working environment for all, regardless of location. This means that all of our openings can be worked remotely. Our physical office is conveniently located near Union Square in New York City and all employees keep Eastern hours regardless of where they are based. All RippleMatch employees are encouraged to work remotely or come into the office as much as they want or not at all.

We believe in maintaining a culture that can cut across distance to suit our employees who choose to be remote as well as those who prefer to come into the office. We host monthly virtual events as well as monthly in-person events, team-wide virtual activities every month like Wellness Challenges, and a time to hear from our founders regularly regardless of location. Creating strong bonds between RippleMatch team members means a lot to us and, while we know that this can be done remotely, we also invest heavily in creating opportunities to make sure remote employees get plenty of in-person time. We offer in-person onboarding, travel benefits and both virtual and in-person team building activities!


At RippleMatch, we understand the importance of aligning our team's success with the overall success of the company. In addition to a competitive salary ranging from $135,000 to $180,000 per year, we offer stock options grants to eligible team members. These options grants provide you with the opportunity to become a stakeholder in our growth and success.