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KindEOS Coordinator Embryo. Oocyte. Surrogacy. Sperm (directed).



Chicago, IL, USA
Posted on Thursday, December 21, 2023

About Kindbody

Kindbody is a leading fertility clinic network and global family-building benefits provider for employers offering the full-spectrum of reproductive care from preconception to postpartum through menopause. Kindbody is the trusted fertility benefits provider for 127 leading employers, covering more than 2.7 million lives. Many thousands more receive their fertility care directly from Kindbody throughout the country at signature clinics, mobile clinics, and partner clinics. As the fertility benefits provider, technology platform, and direct provider of care, Kindbody delivers a seamless, integrated experience with superior health outcomes at lower cost, making fertility care more affordable and accessible for all. Kindbody has raised $315 million in funding from leading investors.

Founded in 2018, CB Insights recognized Kindbody as one of the world’s promising health companies. Kindbody was named to Inc.’s Best In Business list of most admired companies, Forbes Best Startup Employers, Fast Company’s Brands that Matter, 2023 Linkedin Top 50 Startups list, and Fierce Healthcare named Kindbody to its Fierce 15 list of 2022, which recognizes the most promising healthcare companies in the industry world. Kindbody was named to the 2023 CNBC Disruptor 50 list for revolutionizing the way fertility care is delivered in the U.S.

About the Role

As an experienced KindEOS Coordinator reporting to our KindEOS Senior Manager of Business Operations, you will be working in a fast-paced, rapidly growing environment where you will be relied on for your expertise, professionalism, and collaboration. This role is a 40 hours/ week full time remote/ hybrid position and is based out of our Chicago West Loop location located at 333 S Desplaines Street, Ste 200, Chicago IL.


Overseer of all aspects to manage the clients KindEOS match facilitation and/ or independent match and subsequent pre-IVF cycle coordination (sales of the KindEOS service lines/ program options and conversion to Kindbody IVF cycle). To evaluate and execute the client desires to align with KindEOS program options and convert to Kindbody treatment. The intended parent conversion to KindEOS match and conversion to third party reproduction (TPR) IVF treatment cycle.

  • A third party service line expert for the KindEOS programs: Specific to match facilitation and pre-cycle IVF coordination (donor egg, directed sperm, donor embryo and gestational surrogacy)
  • Collaborate closely with Kindbody physicians, enterprise, financial navigators, IVF, and clinical staff and KindEOS teams to provide expertise specific to third party services (embryo donation, egg donation, gestational surrogacy and directed sperm donor services/ deliverables)
  • Identify potential KindEOS candidates (embryo, egg or surrogates) in alignment with the intended parents' criteria, for match coordination
  • Assist in collaboration with the KindEOS teams and Kindbody clinical teams with a KindEOS client’s independent journey, seeking KindEOS agency support services (at fee) when presenting with a designated/ known, non-KindEOS embryo, egg or surrogate candidate(s)
  • Conduct comprehensive consultations with intended parents to understand their specific needs, preferences, and expectations for match facilitation and/ or independent journey coordination/ support needs
  • Educate intended parents and third party matched candidates about the match and pre-cycle processes, including legal, ethical, and medical aspects
  • Take ownership and oversee the day to day operations of KindEOS match management and be knowledgeable of the business of sales management
  • Oversee care from match selection through the pre-cycle coordination (pre-IVF cycle) to provide guidance, education, and support to clients and within the Kindbody/KindEOS organization for this specific clientele
  • Collaborate with legal ART attorney groups, psychologists/ LCSW, financial vendors, escrow management, insurance companies, preferred industry vendors, and others as needed
  • Maintain and optimize necessary systems and document control to be outcome focused approach
  • Day to day operations will involve working collaboratively with the KindEOS, Kindbody teams and outside professional vendors, to optimize match/ pre-cycle coordination
  • Assist KindEOS leadership in addressing operational gaps, problem solving, new innovation and incident reporting specific to the KindEOS match/ pre-cycle management across all service lines (embryo, egg and surrogacy)
  • Participatory with the KindEOS team and marketing teams for support, to determine the efficacy of current workflows, recruitment/ marketing efforts and recognize opportunities for increased efficiency, as well as overall patient experience (for third party candidates and intended parents)
  • To collaborate and report service line development, KPI outcomes and or other recommendations to the KindEOS team manager and KindEOS Director
  • To continue to enhance the KindEOS administrative platform (Egg Donor Connect - EDC) to promote automation and efficiencies for recruitment and vetting services (and mindful of EMR system efficiencies and enhanced automation)
  • Collaborates with the Kindbody clinical teams and KindEOS teams for all third party candidate medical/genetic vetting
  • Pre-cycle coordination of matched candidates: collaborate with the Kindbody clinical teams, review of necessary genetic/ medical records of their matched third party candidate, order medications and coordinate calendar dates
  • Education and support for pre-cycle management of medication protocols and instructions (collaborate with the KindEOS APP and Kindbody clinicians)
  • Maintain accurate and thorough medical records utilizing EMR
  • Learn, follow, and keep up to date with FDA regulations for HCT/Ps, ACOG and ASRM guidelines related to Third Party Reproduction (i.e., embryo donation, egg donation, gestational surrogacy, sperm donation and ethics), and other professional groups (i.e. SEEDS, etc.)
  • To collaborate with the Kindbody IT staff for necessary support of systems management
  • Knowledgeable for high-level, cross-coverage, of day-to-day operations within the KindEOS teams (under direction of the KindEOS team manager and/ or the KindEOS Director)
  • Knowledgeable for cross functional match facilitation KindEOS egg donation services for intended parents, applicable to surrogacy journeys
  • Upkeep, development and implementation of systems, spreadsheets, and documents
  • Lead contact for the KindEOS EDC platform, specific to the surrogacy service line (to work closely in collaboration with the EDC platform programmer)
  • Maintaining anonymity, confidentiality and HIPAA/ PHI compliance for all parties
  • Assess and contribute to solutions for necessary improvements or changes
  • Participate in professional development and organizational meetings specific to the KindEOS programs
  • Minimal travel to other locations, as necessary, to provide support for the service line, professional vendors, and organization. Travel varies based on the engagement and may be local, regional, or national.
  • Ability to present/ speak at engagements, per leadership direction
  • Assist with other office duties, per leadership direction
  • And other responsibilities may be designated and ad-hoc projects from time to time, based on business needs and operational objectives i.e. DEI, Holistic 360 and Enterprise expert leads in KindEOS teams

Who You Are

  • 1-2 year expert in the fertility industry, with third party reproduction specific to embryo donation, egg donor and/ or surrogacy experience (personal and/ or professional)
  • Must have great communication skills and be a people-oriented person
  • Exceptionally well organized and be able to multitask
  • Proficient at keeping patients records
  • Ability to communicate, problem-solve independently and respond quickly to all key team members is critical
  • Must be proactive and self-driven to execute on critical and timely deliverables
  • Ability to uphold the KindEOS and Kindbody professionalism and positive, kind culture
  • And other qualifications, based on business needs..

Perks and Benefits

Kindbody values our employees and wants to do everything to ensure that our employees are happy and professionally fulfilled, but also that they have the opportunity to be healthy. We are committed to providing a number of affordable and valuable health and wellness benefits to our full time employees, such as paid vacation and sick time; paid time off to vote; medical, dental and vision insurance; FSA + HSA options; Company-paid life insurance; Short Term + Long Term Disability options; Paid Parental Leave (up to 12 weeks fully paid dependent on years of service); 401k plans; monthly guided meditation and two free cycles of IVF/IUI or egg freezing and free egg storage for as long as you are employed.

Additional benefits, such as paid holidays, commuter transit benefits, job training & development opportunities, social events and wellness programming are also available. We are constantly reevaluating our benefits to ensure they meet the needs of our employees.

In an effort to protect our employees and our patients, Kindbody strongly encourages all employees to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19. However, some states are requiring that all healthcare workers be fully vaccinated. Candidates seeking employment at Kindbody in the following states will be required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and provide proof of your COVID-19 vaccine prior to your start date of employment: California, Colorado, Illinois, New York, New Jersey and Washington. All other states are exempt from this requirement. If you cannot receive the COVID-19 vaccine because of a qualifying legal reason, you may request an exception to this requirement from the Company.


Kindbody is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. We strongly support the principles of equal employment opportunity in all of our employment and hiring policies and practices and believe that a more diverse and inclusive workplace will benefit our patients, care partners, and Kindbody employees. We administer our employment and hiring policies and practices without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, pregnancy, citizenship, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, medical condition, military service, military or veteran status, genetic information, creed, marital status, sexual orientation, or any other status protected by federal, state, or local law.