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Senior Full-Stack Developer (Node.js)



Software Engineering
Denver, CO, USA
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023
ChatLingual gives businesses access to new markets by removing one of the oldest barriers to entry: language. We’ve built a platform that allows people to communicate in 90+ languages across chat, email SMS, and social, which companies can use to support their customers around the world.

We are looking for an experienced, broadly-skilled senior developer to join our team as we grow.

The day-to-day tasks of this role include writing elegant and efficient code, researching solutions to novel problems, usability discussions, feature planning and scoping, implementing front-end designs, testing new features, and probably one or two other things we’re forgetting to list.


The person we hire must have:

- Experience building web applications, with evidence of a deep understanding of JavaScript, HTML, and CSS3
- The capacity to thoroughly scope out a problem, find and implement the best solution, and avoid unintentional and unconscious decision-making in the process

Desirable Experience:

- Learning & using other languages (both human and computer)
- SQL (Postgres)
- AWS (EC2, Elastic Beanstalk)

What’s It Like?

We're a small team that values quality and takes the time to ensure it. We are intentional and honest in our interactions with each other as well as in our sprints, scoping, planning, and implementation. We are a data-driven company, and we acknowledge, document, and challenge assumptions — our own and each other's. We believe that speed and quality are not mutually exclusive in software development.

And, we're in Denver, and Denver is a pretty great town.

Introduce Yourself!

Below are a few suggestions of things we’d find interesting to read about in an introduction. Feel free to pick one if it helps you, or don’t — we provide these simply for those who find writing intros hard.

- Tell us about a recent software architecture decision you made — what alternatives did you consider and why did you choose the approach you did?
- Include a snippet of code (yours or not) that you find inspirational or cautionary, and tell us about it.
- What steps have you taken in your current position (or did you take at your last position) to ensure the quality of project code?
- What software technologies excite you, and why?


If you would like to email us directly: [email hidden]

Thanks for considering us! We look forward to hearing from you.
- the ChatLingual team